Fans Are Losing Over Taylor Swift’s New Merchandise

Fans Are Losing Over Taylor Swift's New Merchandise

New limited shirts featuring the new song lyrics of Taylor Swift’s track Me!. So fans are losing over new merchandise in which it is written with the typo word as,



The mistake was done deliberately or its upcoming new album of Swift’s?

Swift said that Spelling is fun! But if we see minutely it is not a spelling mistake; it is a punctuation mistake.

Fans saw the error and wrote on Twitter,

It is observed that not every shirt assimilate the mistake of the apostrophe.

Most of the people make the fun of it, and Taylor’s fans started putting the ideas about what the shirt could mean.

“Your’e’ on @taylorswift13 ‘s merch is because it closely resembles ‘Urie’ to reference @brendonurie??? #ConspiracyTime.”

It wouldn’t be a total surprise if it was indeed an Easter Egg. As Swift, said that when she comes up on the cover of EW, she really likes leaving fans a trail of bread crumbs that offer insights about her music projects and she has succeeded in that.

She wore a jacket with dozens of buttons with each providing the hint of her upcoming album and also she has given other clues.

She said,

“I love that they like the cryptic hint dropping. As long as my fans like the surprise I will continue to give the hints. It’s fun. It feels mischievous and playful.”

We’ll just have to see if this is another example of her being playful or just a very public “whoops” moment.

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