Jennifer Lopez and Daughter Emme Rock at ‘It’s My Party’ Tour

Jennifer Lopez and Daughter Emme Rock at 'It's My Party' Tour
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Friday was a night when a parent becomes proud of a daughter

Lopez kicked off It’s My Party Tour at The Forum in Los Angeles on June 7. She pairs with her 11-year-old Daughter Emme for a duet.

The audiences were surprised when Lopez together with Emme took the stage. They both have a duet on limitless from Lopez movie named Second Act.

Then Jennifer has posted the video on Instagram in which both are singing with matching red gowns and written

“I can’t take it!” and also added “#ProudMama” #JLoItsMyParty.”

After the Emm’s performance, she joined Alex Rodriguez and his daughter, Ella, in the crowd.

Lopez thanked for kicking it off saying,

“Tonight, we partied!!!! 🎉Thanks for kicking it off with me, LA.”

In a rehearsal of IT’S my Party is going on Lopez told to ET that Emme has got an amazing voice.

Lopez said  “She’s got her daddy’s voice. She’s amazing,” Lopez gushed. “It’s natural. Emme could always sing. When she was a baby she used to hum itself. And Marc would say, ‘She’s singing, it feels good to her, it feels good to her soul and to her body,’ because he was like that. I was like, ‘You think she’s singing?’ His answer was always Yes. And yes, he is absolutely correct that when sings from when she was little.

Emme has started impressing the fans with her incredible voice but Lopez said to the ET that she can join her only if she wants to.

“If she wants to and she feels comfortable,” she explained. “It’s a big arena. It’s different than our Vegas show. It’s different than other things that we’ve been doing — it’s different than filming a video. I think she’s come out of her shell in the past couple of years.”

“Listen, if she was going to do it, there’s nothing I could do to stop her,” Lopez said. “I know that from being an artist myself. Nobody can stop me from doing what I love to do. She’s going to do it. But I would never push her in any direction. I’d always help her as much as I can and give her as much counsel and advice as I can and mentor in the best ways I know how to navigate.”

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