Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams Want to Make Movie on Their Friendship

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams Want to Make Movie on Their Friendship

Sophie Turner says she soon will be directing a movie on her friendship with Maisie Williams.

Sophie Turner who plays the role of Sansa Stark is friends with Maisie Williams who is a co-actor to Sophie Turner she plays her sisters role Arya Stark.

Sophie Turner was recently interviewed with Vogue along with X-Men, There she was asked will she be directing a movie soon?

Then she replied, “As an actor, you can only have so much creative control,” the 23-year-old said. “I want to be able to have full creative control and create my own vision, and that’s something I’m quite passionate about.”

Sophie Turner says she looks forward working with Maisie William.

Me and my best friend Maisie Williams, we share a very intense bond and we both thought of writing a movie on our bond it would be more like soulmates and less like friends kind of movie and we both are looking forward to it, Though we haven’t come to any conclusion yet but back in our mind we think of directing a movie about us.

She says her friendship with Maisie Williams matters a lot to her.

It is the same case with Maisie Williams even she takes her friendship with Sophie Turner very seriously and she says we know each other so well that we tend not to leave and she even says in a sarcastic way that Sophie knows all my secrets and I can’t leave her. And later she giggles for saying it.

Sophie Turner hasn’t written the story for the movie, but she mentioned that she’s been reading books about the screenplay.

Sophie Turner even said that Maisie Williams was on her side whenever she needed her and helped her come out of mental trauma, we both help each other whenever needed. And she says she really wants to put forth their friendship into a movie.

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