Celine Dion Ends Her 16-Year Vegas Residency With Emotional Tribute to Late Husband

Celine Dion Ends Her 16-Year Vegas Residency With Emotional Tribute to Late Husband

Celine Dion ends her 16 Year Vegas Residency with an emotional tribute to Late Husband as well as manager Rene Angelil.

Celine, 51, gave her 1141st and last performance at Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace on Saturday after 16 years.

She sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow, photos of moments from her past shows were screened, as was a photo of her and Angelil.

Their sons Charles, 18, and 8-year-old twins Eddy and Nelson, also joined the stage with their mother.

Dion said,

“This entire experience has been a huge part of my show business career…one that I will cherish forever. I have so many people to thank, but the most important ‘thank you’ goes to my fans, who gave us the opportunity to do what we love.”

Her husband Angelil dies in 2016 because he is suffering from throat cancer.

The couple became engaged in 1991 and wed on 17 December 1994 when she was 26, and he was 52.

Celine’s mother was opposing this relationship, but as the time passes situation becomes normal.

“It was very difficult for her,” Celine told Access Hollywood in 2013.

“When I told her I had some really strong feelings for René. I was very frustrated and mad at first, but she tried to make me understand that this man tried marriage twice before, he has three children, he’s not responsible,” she continued.

Her mother told her that she has dreamed of a Charming Prince for her daughter to get married. But eventually, all the matter relating to Rene is set in its place.

Celine also debuted a new song, “Flying on My Own,” from her upcoming album named, Courage, which is releasing in November.

She said that she wanted to prove to herself; she doesn’t want to be weak. She is excited about her new song, “Flying on my own.

Celine has planned for a world tour, and then she will join the stage.

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