Stranger Things and Nike Collaborate for Sneakers

Stranger Things and Nike Collaborate for Sneakers

Nike is releasing a new line of shoes based on a popular Netflix show Stranger Things preceding the release of the show.

Per the photos of the shoe range released by Nike, it can be figured out that Nike has gone all out to bring up these conceptually advance designs in their sports shoe line.

We have witnessed the characters of the science fiction driven Stranger Things pulling off Nike’s shoes in various episodes of previous seasons on screen.

Rewarding that loyalty towards the brand, Nike has collaborated with the Netflix series and launched its new range.

The series is set at Hawkins, Indiana and the story traces back into the 1980s of the town. A group of small, school going kids meet Eleven, who is a powerful result of immense scientific experimentations, and together tackle some adventures. The foundation of the story is laid by virtues of love and friendship that in the end, help them through the challenges. The series has built some complex character arcs.

Taking that into consideration, Nike did not build the new designs around the complex characters, but it hitched the themes of the upcoming third season.

The plot of the upcoming season will be revolving around a story relating to Independence day in 1985. For the shoe business mogul company of Nike, the 1980s has indeed been a decade of a boon; especially 1985, when Nike introduced their new design for Basketball Nike: Dunk. Around 1985, the game was just starting to hold the grip of the minds of the fans and Nike’s Dunk kicked in the market with the basketball era.

The new designs of Nike’s collaboration with stranger things incorporate the three-sport and style staples from the 80s:

1. Nike Cortez
2. Nike Blazer
3. Nike Tailwind

Introduction of these old school shoes with new designs based on the theme of the series indeed make us nostalgic, throwing us back to the 1980s trends.

The designs illustrate us with the school where the protagonist kids of the show are studying in the series, that is, the Hawkins High. The school line consists of tiger mascot on the green and orange color schemed shoes. They have also released some apparels of the same theme, including sweat suits and T-shirts that look like typical 1980s work out uniforms. This collection will be out on June 27th.

The other theme for the new designs is Independence Day, which will be launching right on 4th July to serve its thematic purpose. This collection incorporates special firework display on the sock liner and red, white and blue color scheme. The heel has on it engraved the mark of the year 1985.

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