WarnerMedia Wins J.J. Abrams’ Content Bidding War for $500 Million

WarnerMedia Wins J.J. Abrams' Content Bidding War for $500 Million

Look who is in the limelight now, and he is none other than the owner of Bad Robot productions company. J. J. Abrams and his wife Katie McGrath has signed the deal with the Warner Media. The exclusive deal is worth $500 Million and will give an independent insight of Warner Media to the Bad Robot. Therefore J. J. Abrams and his wife will be able to monitor and influence the company in some possible ways.

Moreover, Bad Robot will produce for Warner Media and will be a part of the company’s movies, TV shows, games, and productions. There are reports of deals with online service companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Apple.

The company will be one of the largest influencing production houses of all time.

Henceforth there will be a part of Bad Robot in the release of TV shows and games. They will be reached first before the releases. It has also been reported that the companies’ tie-up with Viacom-owned Paramount Pictures has started. And there will soon be shows via them.

No one knows when the deal will end. And neither there are any notices or any reports on the Twitter handles of the two production houses. The sources suggest that the company was near to lose the deal with Apple, but in the end, the company got the deal.

The deal is with the parent company of Warner Media and Warner Bros., AT&T. Moreover, the companies have started productions and working on the projects and will soon be out with the release dates, trailers, and official notices. But one thing is sure the games, and the movie will definitely be badass.

There are reports suggesting the company has ongoing 50 movies in production. That includes the famous, Star-Trek: The Rise of Skywalker. So, basically, things are looking bright for the Bad Robots and the future of gaming, movies, and tv shows are in safe hand.

Sony too has signed a deal with the company for future projects, and J. J. Abrams and his wife are doing the best for the company. The company will work on new titles and TV series, but there will also be a focus on the ongoing catalogs and titled show.

There will be more and more things to look on as there are various projects and productions happening with the company, and it is best not to disclose the secrets down here.

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