Jennifer Morrison Gets a Major Role in ‘This Is Us’ Season 4

Jennifer Morrison Gets a Major Role in 'This Is Us' Season 4

This is Us Season 4 will experience a new cast member in the sequence. Jennifer Morrison. She will be playing a major role in the series, as reported by the sources. Therefore, the House alum will hit the big screen of This is Us series.

She has arrived in shows and movies and now the series. Her celebrity life is going too good. The sitcom How I Met Your Mother star will become a bigger star in the show. The E! News has reported that she will be in a recurring role in the season. The show loves to keep things secret, but some of the leaks are enough to guess and decipher it.

The series has been renewed for three more seasons, and the Pearson family will be showcased for quite some time now. The further sequence may not be featuring her, but for now, things are looking uphill for her. The best part of the show is that the Pearsons are having quite easy chronology (Sarcasm Intended). Nevertheless, all the seasons have showcased it perfectly. The series will take off from the season 3’s ending.

Anyways it will be fun to see the celebrity in here and what the witty production will do with her. September will be the debut month for the show but with the rescheduling of the finale of season 3, who knows. Till that time there will be a catching up to do, for all the binge-watchers. And for those who like to work on the critical part of the show, things will be best.

The role will be recurring for this season. The cast of This is Us has quite a room for her, and there will be an opportunity for her at large. Hopefully, her role will be a prominent one and the season will bring better area and work. Everyone will be waiting for this because the renewal of the series came as a surprise to many. And the cast of Jennifer Morrison came as a cherry on top. There will be new add-ups and bringing back some of the minor characters as a major line up.

But the trump card hidden in the sleeve of Dan Fogelman is still unknown and will be a gift to the viewers and the critics.

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