‘Murder Mystery’ Featuring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler Sets Record for Netflix Originals

'Murder Mystery' Featuring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler Sets Record for Netflix Originals

Netflix’s new drama thriller Murder Mystery breaks the records by gaining viewership more than any other Netflix Originals’ movie during the opening weekend.

Murder Mystery that stars Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston garnered with 30.9 million viewership that has subscribed to Netflix, per the reports of Netflix.

Although any third party has not cross-checked the details and statistics, Netflix’s official statement is considered no less authentic.

Previously, Netflix’s Bird Box gained 45 million views during their first week of the stream. One of the patented Netflix original movies Bird Box, a mysterious post-apocalyptic drama thriller starring Sandra Bullocks, earned up to 80 million views by the end of the month of release. Following that, Netflix’s new action number preceded Bird Box by gaining 52 million viewers during the first four weeks after the release.

Murder Mystery was released on 14th June and set a new opening weekend record by gaining 30.9 million views from membership accounts in the first three days from release. Netflix also reportedly claimed that almost half of the viewers are from the USA and Canada as 13.37 million of the total viewer accounts are registered from those two countries.

Netflix retweeted this information on the official twitter handle of Netflix US. The tweet reads:


30,869,863 accounts watched Murder Mystery in its first 3 days – the biggest opening weekend ever for a Netflix Film. 13,374,914 accounts in the US and Canada, and 17,494,949 more worldwide.”

–  @NetflixIsAJoke

Netflix does not reportedly consider a Netflix original movie as a recommended viewer’s choice unless 70% of the member accounts have viewed it.

Directed by Kyle Newacheck and Anne Fletcher, the film is a comedy murder mystery wherein the Grown-ups star Adam Sandler is an NYPD cop, Nick Spitz. Jennifer Aniston is seen as Audrey Spitz, a professional hairdresser and Nick’s wife. In a European Setting, the couple is on a belated honeymoon on account of their 15th anniversary. While their romantic European vacation, Nick gets embroiled in a homicide case. With the turns and twists in the situation, the couple somehow leads to being framed for the murder of an elderly billionaire.

Writer James Vanderbilt has managed to maintain the energy in the mystery solving by backing it with witty conversations between the couple and some funny comic situations.

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