Alison Brie Wants Netflix to Make Community Movie

Alison Brie Wants Netflix to Make Community Movie

Alison Brie admits to Pop Culture that she is looking forward to being a part of the long-awaited Community movie. She opens up about the much-aspired prophecy Community- Season Six and a movie.

Brie, who plays the role of Little Annie Adderal (Annie Edison) in the much popular comedy-drama show Community admitted that she would definitely reprise her role for the movie if the movie ever gets made. However, she continued by adding some special conditions only under which the star will take the project.

According to the statement, Alison initially denied the odds of the movie actually happening by rhetorically asking,

“Are we going to do the movie?”

However, in the following part of the statement, she relieved the fans who have been eagerly waiting for the movie to be made by adding, “if the Community movie ever gets made” to her thoughts regarding the film.

Brie stated that she wants the movie to be made for Netflix. She agrees to the fact that it would be fun to do, in the best case scenario, only if they could get everyone to do it. Alison feels that it might not be an easy task.

Along with Alison Brie, the comedy-drama Community features a long list of talented star cast including Donald Grover, Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Chevy Chase, Ken Jeong, Jim Rash, John Oliver, Yvette Nicole, Randall Park, Jack Black, Jillian Rose Reed, Angela Trimbur, O-Lan Jones and Richard McGonagle.

Brie clarified that she will be willing to be open to that project only if this whole scattered star cast would reunite for the sake of the movie.

Alison loves her Community family. She said that they are all in touch and talk all the time. Evidencing her statement, she added about texting Joel McHale, one of the members of her Community family, a day before this interview. The group text of the cast is constantly buzzing; according to Brie, she is always down for the idea of the movie.

The story was plotted around the frame of six seasons and one movie. However, Dan Harmon’s popular comedy Community became homeless for a while after their streaming network NBC canceled their contract with the makers following the fifth season.

Fans hoped that the makers would accomplish their preset goal of completing six seasons and a movie. Considering the popularity of the show, Yahoo! provided the series with a home for streaming its much anticipated sixth season. Now only the movie is left to pave its way to the audience who have been rooting for it for four years as the last episode of the sixth season was aired four years ago. No word from the creators about the possibility of the happening of the Community movie yet, however, Alison Brie’s words may have ignited the hope for the movie again in the minds of the fans.

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