Ed Sheeran Performed His Biggest Show Ever in Germany This Weekend

Ed Sheeran Performed His Biggest Show Ever in Germany This Weekend

Germany surely loves Ed-Sheeran! Yeah, they literally proved it.

Ed is on his Divide tour and performed this weekend in Germany. He self-admittedly posted on Instagram that these were his largest shows till date.

“Played the biggest shows of my career this weekend in Germany”

Given how he rose to fam from being a nobody to selling out arenas, we can be nothing but extremely happy for him.

According to sources, by August end of this year, Ed is the biggest touring musician that the world has ever seen. He will be earning approximately $750 Million by the end which will be the most money that has ever been made in a single tour.

Sheeran overcame great difficulties to reach the global stage which he commands today. His stammering problem was the biggest obstacle in his path. His stutter and shy nature resulted in him being a victim of rigorous bullying. His ginger hair didn’t help much.

However, a miracle happened when, on a certain fateful day, Ed’s father brought home to him a record of Eminem. He was amazed to hear the speed of his words and learned all the words. However impossible it may sound, Ed slowly stopped stammering after learning the words, just like that!

From singing and going unnoticed to singing and winning hearts, Sheeran has surely come a long way. Both of his previous albums, Plus and Multiply were a tremendous success. But this album, Divide surely took it several notches higher.

Ed Sheeran has an impressive technique of bringing in the most amount of money possible on his tours. His concert tickets cost way cheaper than the other stars who are on par with him. But at the same time, he performs a lot more shows than any of his counterparts. So, offering quality and quantity in the same platter is the technique that he opts for.

While millions of people dream of seeing their favorite celebrities live and fail to do so due to lack of money, Sheeran’s strategy is like a breath of fresh air as it not only resonates with his own profits but also offers a chance to the middle-class masses to see their favorite star on stage.

A humble man like Sheeran who stands on the stage with no backup but just a guitar in his hand is hard to find. Sheeran has emerged as the biggest pop star in the present times really deserves accolades. So, people should wish him all the best for all the upcoming shows and hope that it surpasses the magnitude of these shows in Germany.

Why should they wish? For the sheer reason of him being so Perfect.

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