‘The Office’ Is Moving From Netflix to NBC

‘The Office’ Is Moving From Netflix to NBC
Chris Haston/NBC

The Office found a new home for the show. NBC Universal is taking up steps for the show to be part of their own streaming platform. The show will be shifted from Netflix in 2021 to NBC.

It will be an exclusive stream on NBC because it will be a great loss for Netflix. The show is an exclusive deal and a domestic one. NBC has also announced a streaming service for the company. Moreover, The Office will be an exclusive first addition to the family of the streaming services.

Steve Carell was always a favorite, and the series has brought out the gem he is. Netflix took to Twitter to tell how sad they are of losing the show. The deal will hit Netflix hard. The sources also suggest that WarnerMedia will also take back Friends from Netflix and launch it on their own streaming media.

Nonetheless, The Office is one of the fan favorite and gives a tight competition to other sitcoms like Friends and How I Met Your Mother. NBC announced that Netflix will have it till 2020, and as soon as the streaming services hit the internet in 2021, they will take the show there. Netflix will be having bad days ahead.

The streaming services will have charges, and there will be an ad-free version for more amount. The charges are not disclosed yet, but sources tell that it will be around $10 for ad version. Everyone will be on a lookout for the streaming services as NBC Universal already have the line of Brooklyn-99, on themselves.

The streaming service will include all nine seasons in it. Netflix has gained much from the show, but now it is time for NBC itself. People have watched the show for 52 Billion Minutes. The Pop-Culture genre celebrates the show as one of the best. And it is worth watching.

Moreover, Steve Carell, Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski, and Rainn Wilson have done outstanding work in the series. We hope that people keep watching this show and appreciating it. And we also congratulate NBCU for getting things on the line with their streaming services that is soon to be a part of the online services.

And For Netflix, we give regards as there will be more shows on the line for them. The gross income will rise for all three companies, Netflix, WarnerMedia, and NBCU. We will keep things updated for all three of the Mega Companies.

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