Laura Marano New Music Video ‘Lie to Me’

Laura Marano New Music Video 'Lie to Me'

Laura Marano has released her music video for the song Lie To Me

The music video is full of dance sequences, and its reach is growing nicely. Laura Marano is famous for her role in Austin and Ally has worked on the song well. And people quite like the song. YouTube sees some traffic over this song. The song wasn’t, particularly for the movie. A writing session in Sweden was the basis of the song.

The single has a party vibe, and it is really fun to watch. There are scenes of the movie in the video as well. The song has a quick Tempo contrary to her other songs. The song is full of dance movements and is very groovy. There is a Festive girl season thingy on the work, and it is quite cheeky.

Moreover, we see two of her friends also tuning in with the song. They are nice dancers because Laura told PopSugar so we can agree on this too. It is a premium party song, and it works hard on it. It seems like we can have some parties around everywhere with this song on the playlist.

The production house heard the song first and henceforth; they took the song to themselves. Well, good things take time, and this is all part of it. Nevertheless, we will be seeing more of her on-screen songs and a playback singer. It would be a great experience for the fans.

The song is out at the times of Teen Choice nominations. She told her fans on Instagram that it is not intentional, but everybody knows best. Having fun is the most important part because we do it the best which we love the most. And Laura claimed that she was having a lot of fun. Therefore, the results are right in front of us. We will keep a lookout for more of her songs.

Most importantly, the songs which have the groove of her upbeat. Moreover, the songs are really good. We hope that her songs get the fame they deserve because presently they are underrated. The fan base is growing, and eyes will be on her for the future grooves and releases. Upbeats are her thing as this one was really good on the dance and the tempo. Other songs were not so appealing as this one.

And she should definitely keep working on the movies too for her own good.

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