Jennifer Lopez Shares New Workout Video

Jennifer Lopez Shares New Workout Video

Jennifer Lopez shared her new workout video with her partner Alex Rodriguez.

Jennifer Lopez is one of the influential people in fitness. She is seen working out with Alex Rodriguez popularly known as A-Rod.

Jennifer shared her video in her Instagram account, which went viral. It has over 1 million views. JLo has an age-defying figure. She was praised for her dedication towards workouts and for staying fit. Many praised their combo and praised the couple for spending time together by workout.

The couple first met in 2005 and started dating in 2017. They become engaged in March 2019. Her engagement ring is visible in her video. The couple shares a strong bond. They share intimate gesture now and then in the video.

Jennifer thanked cowboysfit and Dallas cowboys gym for providing them a great workout. Also, she thanked their good friend Jerry Jones for letting them use his tremendous facility.

They filmed a commercial quality video getting sweaty during the workout. The video started with Jlo warming up, and then A-Rod joined her.

They shared a kiss before they started their workout. Jennifer is seen motivating A-Rod during his workout. She also stated that Alex Rodriguez is her favorite workout partner. The couple is extremely an active pair, and they work out to their core. They have definitely set a definition of couple goals.

Trainer Derek Peruo stated that by working out as a couple, one can face the challenge together with positive reinforcement. During the 60 seconds long video, the couple performs a full body workout together. They did a series of exercise, including curls, bench press, battling ropes, the Jacobs Ladder for cardio and lat pulldowns for an upper body split.

Experts say that couples who work out together tend to stay together. The couple, well known for their strong bond proved it again in this video. They become an inspiration to most of their fans through this video, and the comments started flooding. A-rod commented Macha 13 on under her post.

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