Ellie Goulding and Jason Stathom Take Part In #BottleCapChallenge

Ellie Goulding and Jason Stathom Take Part In #BottleCapChallenge

The challenges which once swamped the internet are not so popular now. But a new challenge is in the town, and it isn’t easy at all. It is the #bottlecapchallenge, and it really has taken the internet, including the glamour world.

We have spotted some singers, actors and UFC champion take on this challenge. This challenge is not as easy as jumping out of a running vehicle or dancing like idiots on the streets. Fitness is playing an important role in this. Well, forgery has always been a part of humans, but honestly too has been the virtue.

Anyways Instagram has some great news. And that is Ellie Goulding, and Jason Statham has taken these challenges and did a pretty good job. They even nominated a bunch of other people for it. It is really amazing to look at those challenges unlike the Kiki challenge or Harlem Shakes.

Also, if anyone is looking for the history of the challenge; it was started by Master Farabi Davletchin, who is a Taekwondo artist. He did it first and challenged the UFC champion, Max Holloway. So, there it all started, and people are working on fitness and adding onto the challenge as Ellie Goulding did with hers. The challenge she took added no plastic to it.

As a result of which there is a challenge on the line which is giving room to fitness and stuff as well as giving the awareness necessary for the environment. Anyway, John Mayer did the challenge too and was the one to elect Jason Statham. There are videos of kids too who are attempting these challenges.

The challenge needs a bottle with its cap loosely twisted shut, and all the person has to do is kick with the accuracy so that the cap twists open. That does sound easy but is not. It needs practice and accuracy to open the cap. We will be keeping an eye to where this challenge leads everyone; the awareness will play a key role. The elected people are also working on the videos maybe. Also, the videos released have a slo-mo it, which gives a nice effect on the video.

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