Selena Gomez Is Still on Partnership With PUMA!!

Selena Gomez Is Still on Partnership With PUMA!!

Puma is known to be one of the most comfortable shoe brands of all time. They make shoes that are inevitably firm and good. Selena Gomez tied a partnership with the company back in 2017. And it looks like she is still on with it. We really can’t blame anyone, though. They really are the best in their job.

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Living in my Cali Bolds for summer. @pumasportstyle

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Selena Gomez and Puma tied up for a photograph on the line. The deal was sealed for two years and maybe will lead off in September. Anyways the deal was of around $30 million. She keeps on posting pictures of her with the tie-up of the company and Puma keeps on arranging the photoshoots.

The line up of the program is really amazing with the brand going out of the way for the screening purpose. Moreover, we find the Puma‘s Instagram handle to keep on featuring Selena Gomez in the cast and branding purpose.

The 26-years-old American Singer recently had some controversy with her Ex-Boyfriend Justin Bieber. The couple who were the goals for their fans and to the world has now parted ways. Justin Beiber kept calling her but refused to give up on her. Justin is now married to Hailey, Rhode. Nevertheless, they were a hell of a couple.

But all we see right now is Selena starring for Puma and Justin taking up a fight with Tom Cruise. Selena has released some of the best-known tracks. She recently released her track with Benny Blanco, Tainy and J. Balwin. And this is getting quite a sensation among her fans.

Getting back to the point where the conversation began, we will always support her because she is really doing a great job with Puma. The line ups of the products are really great. But all we know is Selena is now out of all the controversies and scandals. The tie-up has not so much of the future together, but till the time it is available we will keep on updating the stuff.

Til the time we will keep a reach on the boards. And as soon as an update is available, we will be on with the article. There will be soon some news on her next track and on the future tie-ups too. All the fans need to do is watch Youtube and keep an eye on her Instagram profile because we never know what pops up from the side of Justin Beiber too.

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