Sylvester Stallone Confirms New Expendables Movie Is In The Works

Sylvester Stallone Confirms New Expendables Movie Is In The Works

The best 4th of July gift is here. For all the fans of the action-packed sequence of Expendables, there is good news. Sylvester Stallone has confirmed the making of the fourth installment in the sequence of Expendables. The best possibility is on the line because of the other casting stars.

Everyone has to keep a look for Jason Statham who is busy with Fast and Furious franchise for Hobbs and Shaw on the line. We have Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews, and Randy Couture. They will return for the next part is what people think, but no confirmations are on the line.

Sylvester Stallone who recently celebrated his daughter’s 21st birthday. With a huge bash is now all ready to take on the Expendables line up. We will definitely get the next update on the cast.

There is only an ignited spark here because of the post, but we are not ready to make things official for the time. 2019 will not be a part of the productions because of the official reports on the line. We can soon see the casting and the line up too.

Sylvester Stallone initially parted ways with Expendables 4, which resulted in Arnold Schwarzenegger to lose interest too. But it looks like a plot twist now. Well, it is really great that the 4th of July has brought out a change in the Expendables Universe. Moreover, Arnold’s Terminator is also on the line making him more friendly in the movie.

It will be an interesting pack for the Expendables as both the legends are in their shapes. Where we have Arnold ready with the Terminator, we cannot forget Sylvester‘s Rambo too. They have some epic movies to already work with. The Expendables series, on the other hand, has the action sequence that is really of the hook.

Everybody will be willing to know what will happen in this storyline after Crews left the series. Well, that is a topic for some other time. Rambo V and Creed 2 are the priorities for now as we see Sylvester Stallone being the bad-ass character in Rambo’s trailer which is definitely out now.

Creed 2 has been out, so all we have to wait for is Rambo to be off the course, and then we can expect Expendables to give out more news for us. All we have to do is keep a keen look at the news reports of Stallone as he will definitely give rise to all the updates along with Arnold.

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