Taylor Swift Expresses Love For Her Fans For The Publication Of New Song “Archer”

Taylor Swift’s Expresses Love for Fans and Reveals Her Journal Journey
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Taylor Swift’s latest song Archer (Track 5 of her album) has been released today. Along with it, the 29-year-old pop star has made some revelations regarding her album release, her love for journals and the deluxe editions of her album which is to be released within a month.

Taylor live-streamed the video from the sets of one of her music videos, possibly Archer and expressed gratitude for MTV awards nominations for her song You need to calm down (seven nominations) and Me(three nominations). Then she talked about her love for writing on journals and how she needs to write down things to process life, “When you guys pointed out that this is the 13th year of me putting out albums, which is my lucky number and so I figured you gotta do something” Taylor said in her video.

“I’ve been writing in diaries since I was 13 years old and I’ve written pretty much everything that’s ever happened to me” she laughs “I have written my original lyrics in these diaries, just feelings you know” she added while explaining how that’s been one of her ways of coping with things in life both good and bad.

Therefore as a new initiative for her album release, Taylor will be releasing four deluxe editions of her album which will not only include CD’s of her music but a narrowed down version of 120 pages of her own handwritten journal entries carefully selected by her from her entire collection of diaries. The writings are scanned copies of the original ones that consist of notes, lyrics or pictures from her everyday life.

The “Lover” journal only consists of a sneak-peek into Taylor’s life for just 40 pages, the rest of it can be used by fans to fill in their own memories. This was done in order to give in to the concept of looking back at the past memories for it is her lucky 13th album release. These deluxe editions are available for pre-ordering on Target in the USA or on Taylor Swift’s own website for the rest of the world.

“It’s everything from being 13 and coming home from a bad day at school to..Grammy Night” she added.

Taylor also shared that she’s very excited to share this with her fans as she says, “you’ve really been there for me and you’ve made my life what it is”

Besides this, Taylor also talked about her latest release Archer and how she had left clues( cupids, bows and arrows and Easter eggs) of this song in her other songs from the same album.

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