Sophie Turner Joins The Jonas Brothers For Film ‘Only Human’

Sophie joins Joe as the Jonas Brothers film ‘Only Human’

Jonas Brothers, Joe, Kevin, and Nick have already given us back to back hits after their revival and are filming for another song called Only Human in New York City.

The filming took place in the Lower East Side of Manhattan on Friday night with a large number of dancers dressed in colorful outfits and a taxi in the middle above which Joe was seen mouthing the lyrics while posing and dancing for the video while wearing 80’s inspired clothes.

The scene ended with the Jonas Brothers getting on a fight with the taxi driver and ultimately resulted in the takeover of the cab by the brothers and while the shooting took place, a large number of people gathered to watch it. The streets surrounding the locations were not closed as the filming was a very open event.

Nick’s significant other half, Priyanka Chopra was also seen accompanying them along with her dog, Diana, a mixed breed Chihuahua. While the other Jonas sisters (Jonas Brother’s wives) were not photographed on Friday night, but Sophie Turner was also said to be with them along with her dog Porky Basquiat, an Alaskan Klee Klai.

Joe and Sophie were seen walking around New York City during the day with their dog. This comes after a few days of losing their other dog Waldo Picasso who was hit by a car on the streets of New York City while on a walk with its dog walker.

Though on a leash, Waldo ran out into the street after getting spooked by a pedestrian which caused an oncoming car to hit the dog. As commented by Joe and Sophie’s representatives who took some time to respond after the incident. It also took two days for Joe and Sophie to head to the police because they were very upset over the loss and even sought out professional help from a therapist after the tragedy, according to TMZ.

After days, the newlyweds were out in public where Sophie was seen wearing a Lily Slip dress by Harley Viera-Newton in the color Green daisy while her sister-in-law Priyanka wore a polka-dotted black flowy dress while holding hands with husband Nick who was in the 80’s attire of an animal printed shirt for the shooting. However, the third Jonas sister Danielle Jonas was seen missing from the event.

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