Miley Cyrus Sings ‘Old Town Road’ With Mason Ramsey

Miley Cyrus Sings 'Old Town Road' With Mason Ramsey

Hannah Montana. Every girl’s superstar and icon while every boy’s dream girl. Who can forget the blonde-haired pop star who used to rock our world every time she came upon tv? I’m sure no one can! From being a slightly difficult teenager in the morning to being the most celebrated singer at night, singing her heart out and entertaining thousands of people, Miley Cyrus was the girl who everyone looked up to.

Naturally many people obviously keep track of her social accounts. On 28th July, Miley Cyrus posted a video on Instagram of her and Mason Ramsey. It was a small clip of about 16 seconds where she and Mason were singing the song Old Town Road.

It is a remix featuring Billy Ray Cyrus which also included Young Thug and Walmart yodel boy himself, Mason Ramsey. This release of the remix only created even more opportunities for the 12-year-old country star. He joined Billy Ray for a performance of the hit song at the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday night (July 27) after singing it with Miley Cyrus backstage.

Who knew that even now fairy tales came true? Because it sure did for Ramsey!

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