Jax Jones and Bebe Rexha Release New Single “Harder”

Jax Jones and Bebe Rexha does the harder
John Phillips/Getty Images

Bebe Rexha and Jax Jones took to Twitter to tell the release of their new video song.

Harder video song is out and is kicking Youtube all over. She even hit the world with a huge strike on their faces. She released a prank post on Instagram. The post was a prank but initially, people believed it and they went berserk. Moreover, the prank was really a big one too.

She posted pictures of her in a wedding dress with a caption that she kept things private. People started congratulating her on the post. it was hilarious because one of them was confident that it was her music video for sure. Anyways, Jax Jonas gave very amazing music in the video and as usual Bebe Rexha rocked it like a queen she is. The best part is the ending which was really enjoyable. The laughter and the hugs they shared was out of the world.

Bebe Recha rocked the wedding gown. She is looking like a perfect bride in it. The scintillating music adds on the complete package. Nonetheless, Jax Jones did a perfect job in the music area on both in the video and off video. Plus the lyrics take the sexiness and the meaning to a further level up and with Bebe Rexha’s expression on the line it was just a slaying moment for the video.

There is no doubt about the craziness she has all over the internet. Twitter and Instagram are a part of the craziness that she keeps on spreading all over the world. Jax Jones and Bebe Rexha shared a show together on July 23 where they talked about the crazy part of them on the bed. Bebe Rexha also told the audience that she never fakes it, “Honestly, I’m savage, in bed. I don’t fake … for real, I don’t care. Like, if I’m not happy …”.

Nonetheless, this was the first-ever encounter with the Bebe Rexha’s steamy and wild side because before this we all had her in the image of struggle and the best of the scenes possible. This was really out of the world. Moreover, the music video’s lyrics and the scenes the best enjoyable part of the track.

Henceforth, we will be keeping an eye on all the reports of Bebe Rexha now onwards. As soon as the new album launches we will be back with all the insiders and the reports.

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