Universal Pictures Releases New “Last Christmas” Trailer Featuring Emilia Clarke

Universal Pictures Releases New "Last Christmas" Trailer Featuring Emilia Clarke
Universal Pictures

Christmas surprise at this time of the year is certainly a sight to the sore eyes.

All thanks to Universal Studios! Why do you ask? They have come up with a new Last Christmas trailer featuring Emilia Clarke. The 2 minutes 58 seconds long trailer has us all engaged throughout.

The trailer throws some light into the plot showing Emilia Clarke as Kate; a totally unluck and dysfunctional individual always in trouble for her careless attitude working in a year-round Christmas shop and Henry Golding (the Crazy Rich Asians star) as Tom; basically her savior figure, who gets her life back on track.

What happens to Kate and Tom will unravel in theaters on 8 November 2019. The movie is a British Romance Comedy based in London.

Directed by Paul Feig, and written by Bryony Kimmings and Emma Thompson, Last Christmas is bound to be a big hit with such honorary writers and director. A movie with an award-winning behind the scenes cast as such faces tremendous pressure as well.

The highly anticipated trailer in itself speaks volumes of what’s to come. A London set up during Christmas, Ski rinks, cycle rides, a helicopter mother with a seemingly dysfunctional daughter and a topsy turvy personal and professional life, and our very own knight in shining armor to the rescue. How could it possibly get any more picturesque than this?

In an interview with EW last month, Feig described his film as a dramatic romantic comedy and elucidates that all together it deals with romance, it focuses on a family that’s falling apart and “what it takes to put [them] back together“. He also expressed  Last Christmas is his own personal love letter to London for which he obviously chose London to shoot in during the three weeks before Christmas last year, including Covent Garden, the location of Yuletide Wonderful (aka. the all-year-round Christmas shop where Kate works).

Interestingly the trailer touches social issues like homelessness and also mirrors Clark’s real-life as to when she suffered from a nearly fatal illness.

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