Busy Philipps Can’t Keep Calm Over Daughter Birdie’s Birthday!

Its Birdie's birthday and Busy Can't Keep Calm!

Busy Philipps on Thursday posted a throwback Thursday picture of her daughter and herself from 2009. This sweet ge

sture by Busy was in honor of her elder daughter Birdie, turning 11 years old this week. The said 10 years old picture has the Geeks and Freaks actor with her then one and a half-year-old daughter Birdie outsides.

Busy has provided a pretty detailed caption for it to state that it was taken back in 2009 when Birdie was barely one or half. And she wishes to go back in time to tweak her parenting as the improved person she is now. Super excited for her birthday, Birdie, had decided to dedicate an entire week to it prior to August 13. Busy, the proud mother of two (to beautiful girls Birdie and Cricket), has been sharing pictures with sentimental captions and reliving all those motherhood memories.

All these pictures Philipps shared on Instagram are stunning no doubt, but they also project her desire to go back to those old days and change who she was as a mother. In the comments section too, she is seen giving out advice on parenthood (to those who asked for it).

Busy Philipps short for Elizabeth Jean Philipps is a renowned actress, writer, producer, and director. Married to Marc Silverstein, a film director, producer and screenwriter himself. Philipps’ extremely popular memoir This Will Only Hurt a Little, undertakes the essential topic of women equality both on and offset. Describing her own experience of when she got into a heated argument with James Franco and herself on the sets of Freaks and Geeks, Busy was deeply moved and felt the urge to be vocal about women’s rights and as a result, gave birth to This Will Only Hurt A Little.

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