“Amazon Forests on Fire!” Gigi Hadid Chimes In On Twitter

Amazon Forests On Fire! Gigi Chimes In On Twitter

A tragedy which should not be ignored – The world’s largest rainforest is on fire. Ablaze since August 15, uncountable and repetitive fires have been spreading rapidly across the Amazon rainforest. This year has set the record for the most number of fires observed in the Amazon since 2013.

The situation has escalated further and the world remains clueless. Yet with little to no media coverage or news coverage on the Amazonian forest fires, people remain unaware of this great threat to our largest rainforest and to our Earth.

On Monday, Amazonas, the largest state in Brazil, has declared a state of emergency. This issue is a huge threat to our planet and our biodiversity as ‘the lungs of the Earth’ are deteriorating. The Amazon houses the biggest biodiversity hotspot in the world, It’s responsibility is solely to keep the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide balance in control and contributes to 20 per cent to the world’s total oxygen output. Huge, uncontrollable fires burning at such alarming rates will wreak devastation if no action is taken immediately. All the world’s organizations need to divert their attention to it.

Thankfully our celebrities are doing whatever little they can by sharing news surrounding the issue on their various social media handles and creating awareness. Recently Gigi Hadid, Model, shared a Twitter post and urged her followers to sign a petition showing their concern for the Amazonian Forest fires.

Many suspect the cause of these fires to be due to malicious interference by industrialists who want to clear the land for use. People directly affected by this incident, including many indigenous people, are questioning why there has been little to no coverage of the destructive event on large media outlets.

Other celebrities like Nikki Reed and Ellie Goulding and many others have also raised this issue through their Instagram posts.

Environmentalist and environmental protection groups are dedicated 100 per cent to aid and help in any way possible to stop the lungs of our planet from burning away.

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