James Charles Twitter Account Sents out Inappropriate Tweets After Being Hacked

The twitter account of James Charles was hacked on August 24, and several racist tweets were posted from the famous YouTube personality’s account.

The period in which in the account was hacked, it lost its verified status as the hacker changed the account’s handle few times. The verified status was later restored after his account was recovered.

Many of the tweets from the hackers of the account were taken screenshots of by the followers of James Charles. Several tweets by the hackers that day were downright inappropriate, one of the tweets read, “I like to f*ck cats w @ShaneDawson.”

The 20-year-old YouTube star seems to have been threatened by the hackers to leak his nude picture, based on the tweet he sent out after getting back his account. In order to take back control, and prevent such an incident from ever happening again, James sent out a tweet attached to which was a picture of him naked.

According to many on Twitter, the account was supposedly hacked by those who run the account ‘Chuckling Squad’. The suspicion seems to be justified as the activity on James Charles’s account pointed in the same direction.

In a tweet, the hacked account of James sent out a tweet calling the YouTube Star a homophobic slur. The account also retweeted a tweet which said, “Even If I Go Jail I’ll Always Be Chuckling Till I Die #CHUCKLINGHELLA”.

Shane Dawson’s account was also hacked a day prior to James Charles, and both the accounts seem to have been hacked by the same group.

James Charles, King Bach and Keemstar-the host of Drama Alert consider the carrier AT&T to be the reason the accounts were hacked. According to Keemstar, AT&T should be considered responsible as it allowed the hackers to SIM swap.

James Charles also blamed the AT&T for compromising his phone number and warned them in a tweet as he said that his lawyer will be contacting them soon.

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