Zara Larsson’s New Album Will Not Be Releasing Anytime Soon

Zara Larsson’s new album will not be releasing anytime soon
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Zara Larsson had planned to release her new album by winter this year, but in the delay in the creative process has resulted in postponing the release.

In a tweet, Zara expressed feeling lost in the making of the album. She also revealed not knowing what she wanted making her frustrated.

In an attempt to console Zara, the ”Bad at love” singer, Halsey responded to the tweet in which tried helping Zara understand that she didn’t owe anyone a deadline. Halsey also complimented the 21-year-old, that she wanted the album to be perfect enough to be released.

Zara Larsson received immense fame and recognition after the release of her single ”Lush Life” in 2015. The last album released by the singer was ‘So Good’ in 2017 and her third album was expected to out this year. From her upcoming album, Zara released the single ” All the time” on the 21st of June this year.

From her upcoming album, Zara released the single ” All the time” on the 21st of June this year.

Her audience first got to listen to “All the time” on 29th April, when Zara was on her “Don’t worry about me” tour. The self-empowerment anthem “Don’t Worry About Me” received wide critical acclamation and has received over 16 million views on YouTube. Zara co-wrote also “All the time” with Ilsey Juber and Noonie Bao which was produced by Linus Wiklund.

Larsson became famous when she was 10-years-old when she won the Sweden version of ‘America’s Got Talent’ – ‘Talang’, where she won $500,000 after which she signed a deal with a Sweden company at 14-years-old.

On June 14, 2019, Zara collaborated with the BTS, she co-wrote “A Brand New Day”. The track was produced by the widely recognized, Grammy Award winner Mura Masa.

Zara Larsson’s work has connected very well with her audience till now, which is why millions of her fans are feeling impatient for the release of her third album. In order to help fans understand the reason for the delay, Larsson wrote a message under an Instagram post in which she explained that she was not yet satisfied with the album and it probably won’t be releasing this year.

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When you thought your album was coming out 2019 but due to not feeling satisfied it probably wont so youre going right back in the studio again ~sorry~ yall be like disappointed but not surprised. I try to not feel pressured about it. To not overthink too much and not listen to others opinion about what i shouldnt do i what i should do. But its really hard to be a popsinger, at least when you want to be mainstream, because you get so judged on every release. Its like every song i drop has to be a single, or at least people think it is, and its not like that. Its hard to do things "just for fun" and try things. At the same time, i dont want people to forget about me lol. I mean, ive always said i wanna put out an album a year and… Well. But besides that, i want it to feel PROUD of my songs and my work. I want to put songs on there that i LOVE and im just not there yet. I promised myself to not compromise my music and I fucking wont.

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It is understandable for Zara to feel pressurized in terms of her work with everybody having an opinion about her journey. The option to “enjoy the journey” is tossed outside the window the minute one starts taking actions to please others.

We are glad Zara Larsson was bold enough to take time in today’s highly competitive environment and chose to respect her music enough to not rush it.

Zara Larsson will be in Norway on August 30th on tour. Get your tickets for the concert from her official website.

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