Bebe Rexha Ecstatic About Her 30th Birthday & Her Upcoming Song “Not 20 Anymore”

Bebe Rexha Ecstatic About Her 30th Birthday & Her Upcoming Not20Anymore

Bebe Rexha has a musical gift ready for all her fans to mark her 30th birthday as a way of celebrating this important milestone in her life. 

The singer’s special day is on August 30th and has announced the new song, titled “Not 20 Anymore”, won’t be an official single but a little gesture to treat her followers.

She has been pretty vocal about her feelings of excitement for this event and she wrote on Twitter and Instagram: “8.30.19 #Not20Anymore. I can’t fuckin wait to turn 30 – wiser, sexier and stronger than ever before.”

Bebe Rexha also has some interesting thoughts about ageing as she often spreads body positivity and encourages women of all ages to embrace their life.

Moreover, the singer has been posting one picture each day starting from when she was 20 years old, on Twitter and on her Instagram stories with the hashtag #Not20Anymore.


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