Musicians Hold a Strong Stance To Get #BansOffMyBody

Musicians Hold a Strong Stance To Get #BansOffMyBody

Lately, there has been amends to the abortion law all over the US. Recently in Alabama. its 35 seat senate, practically dominated by men with only four female senators had passed a draconian law including a ban on abortion in case of rape or incest. Doctors attempting at abortion may look at 10 cycles of jail and 99 years for carrying out the procedure. Along with Alabama, four other states namely Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Ohio have passed bills banning abortion.

Against this harsh law, there have been many protests all over the US. With many women, organizations called it an ‘unconstitutional’ move. To voice against this irrational restriction, Planned Parenthood Federation of America launched a Bans Off My Body campaign in June. This campaign has gained momentum to stand united against the draconian law against reproductive healthcare.

Celebrities have also voiced their opinion against this newly made abortion law too. Many like Travis Scott, Ariana Grande to name a few have made huge donations for the cause. #BansOffMyBody is very trending and speaks of how women should be free to do whatever with their bodies. No law should oppress and restrict a woman’s choice when it comes to reproduction.

Recently a campaign named Band Together Bans Off has been in action where musicians, bands, and singers are coming to stand together against it with Planned Parenthood Federation. Dua Lipa had sent out a tweet on 24 August, asking all women to make their voices heard and requested all people across the US to sign the petition by sending, “BANSOFF to 22422.”

With constant tweets and retweets by celebrities and influencers, this petition asks the people to show a united stand-front to the politicians. With over 140 musicians and millions of people, this campaign is gaining momentum.

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