Anne Marie Shows Off Martial Arts Skills With a Little Girl

Anne Marie Reveals Some Martial Arts Skills With a Little Girl
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In a recent tweet, Anne-Marie shares her experience of meeting a young girl with whom she did kata EMPI. The British artist marvels over how being trained in the martial art technique enable her to connect with so many people around the world. She shared how knowing Karate is like knowing a language itself.

Last year, Anne-Marie launched a YouTube series on Karate titled ‘Karate with Anne-Marie’. In the series, she demonstrates the Japanese style Shotokan.

The singer has won 2 world championships in Karate at the age of 12. She started learning Karate when she was 9-years-old and the fact that she continues to be passionate about it reflects how important it is to her, might be why she even had a single titled “Karate” in her first album.

In an interview in which she shared the importance of Karate in her life Anne-Marie said “Even just as a part of growing up I think it really helped me in my character and the way I was and dealt with situations, it’s such a big part of discipline, I think it was the first thing I truly dedicated myself to. And it taught me a lot about sticking with something and really trying hard and working for it, which is a great lesson for what I’m doing now, because it is so much hard work, and it’s actually taught me how to love doing that.”

The 28-year-old megastar got famous with the success of her single “Rockabye” in 2016, which was created in collaboration with Clean Bandit. Since then she had released several hits including “Ciao Adios”, “Perfect to me”, “2002”, “FRIENDS” and the most recent single in collaboration with Lauv “Fuck, I’m lonely”.

She has managed to connect to her audience through her songs flawlessly as fans are able to find parallels to the stories she conveys through her songs. The fact that ultimately experiences unite people can be seen through the relation Anne-Marie has developed with her fans.

Her new single “Fuck, I’m lonely” for 13 Reasons Why (season 3) in collaboration with Lauv is out now. Anne-Marie is currently on tour and will perform in Liverpool, the UK from 31st August and on 1st September, you can but tickets to the concerts on her official website.

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