Kim Kardashian’s “Skims” Shapewear Collection Is Launching Soon

Initially, Kim's Kimono Now Skims Is Launching Soon
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Kim Kardashian has done it again. We are spilling all the tea from the latest stunt Kim Kardashian pulled when launching her new shapewear clothing line

So Kim had been throwing hints that she is cooking up something cool and crazy. Fans were speculating it to be new makeup or perfume. Because why not! Kim is known for her fragrance and eye palettes. But to our surprise, this was not what we had expected.
A week ago, Kim revealed what was the big project she had been working on. A shapewear clothing line. That too in black, white and obviously he favorites nude colors. She unveiled all this overall he social media handles that her shapewear is to be launched on the official website on 10 September this year. But what stood out among all this is the witty name she chose for it. “Kimono” is what her new shapewear line was called. At least initially it was that.

The sheer amount of backlash she received was way too overwhelming as compared to all the back pats. No doubt Kim did a clever wordplay there with “Kim + Mono” which came out Kimono. We give her points for that. But Kimono is also a traditional Japanese outfit and it has a great deal of cultural significance to it. Now naming a short intimate shapewear “kimono” is a bit too much to handle for all the conservationists and the critics too.

People all over Twitter and Instagram were bashing Kim of cultural appropriation. The number of times Kim has been charged with it is far too many to count. Be it her MTV award braided hairstyle to a way too dark tan, Kim does it over and over again. The media now wonders if Kim’s purpose pulls all this as a publicity stunt.

Getting back to her shapewear line, Kim, needless to say, had to rename it. This time she came up with an even wittier one. “Skims” she calls it now. A blend of ‘Skin or Skinny’ + ‘Kim’. Kudos to you Kim for having such a bendable name.

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