Becky G discusses social barriers at Adcolor 2019

Becky G discusses social barriers at Adcolor 2019
Catherine Asanov

In a conference held by Adcolor in Los Angeles from 6th September to 8th September, Becky G sat down for a conversation with the Se Regalan Dudas podcast hosts Ashley Frankie and Lety Sahagun where they discussed social barriers in the Latinx community.

Add color is a premier organization that celebrates and advocates diversity in the technological and creative industries. The conference held by Adcolor is their largest conference yet. The organization which promotes diversity in terms of color in the creative industry invited several artists to share their views and Becky G was one of them.

In an Instagram post, Becky G thanked Adcolor for giving her the opportunity to talk about topics she is passionate about. Becky G shared that Mental health and education are topics which are of importance to her as she captioned the picture “Mental health & education are amongst many topics that are important to me. Thank you @ADCOLOR for having me yesterday and letting me share how I use my platform to #TakeAStand in both of these topics and more. ❤️✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 #ADCOLOR”

Becky has previously too used her platform to talk about mental health through her Instagram story, as reported in a Billboard article in May this year. The singer shared how traveling had affected her physically and mentally. She mentioned it resulting in dehydration, low blood circulation, muscle cramps, and anxiety. Becky shared how an inconsistent schedule had made it hard for her to control her mental headspace.

At the Adcolor conference, several professionals were honored, including Eva Longoria. Eva who is not only an actress but a producer and also a Director of UnbeliEVAble Entertainment received the Beacon Award for her many accomplishments in the creative field.

The theme this year was #TakeAStand and was well presented at the conference. On the carpet ‘The Knockturnal’ interviewed Adcolor’s Founder and President Tiffany R. Warren. Tiffany shared how she began her journey as she said “I started this from a place communicating that we are all special and our achievements manner. For me, it was really to create a space where we not only recognize each other but learn from each other.”

The organization is doing great work in promoting diversity, to know more about the organization and its work visit its official website.

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