Charlie Puth releases new single “Mother”

Charlie Puth releases new single "Mother"
Catie Laffoon

After his last release this year titled “I Warned Myself” in August, Charlie Puth released a new single titled “Mother” along with a music video for the same on 12th September.

A day after the release of the single Charlie jokingly sent out a tweet regarding the single, “Mother is about the high school experience I never had”. Charlie begins the song by singing about a young boy who pretends to be nice and well mannered in front of his girlfriend’s parents until transforms when he’s out of her parents to gaze.

The music video follows a group of young people as they enjoy themselves engaging activities traveling in a car through the city and ends with a girl getting off near her house as she sneaks in her house before her mother finds out. However, Charlie doesn’t seem to be part of the group but is present in all the scenes as though he’s talking about his experiences when he was younger.

On the day of the release of “Mother,” Charlie kept his 3 million Twitter followers engaged as he sent out a series of tweets after answering a fan’s question.

In a question addressed to the singer, a follower asked Charlie regarding his last release “how many times did you record the choking part in I Warned Myself? I’m so curious!!”. Apparently the singer was able to get part just right at the first attempt itself, as he shared in the reply to the question.

Charlie tweeted two more consecutive tweets before reminding his followers about the release of his single. In a tweet, the singer how also shared how he felt like himself again.

With the release of “Mother,” Charlie Puth gave us another catchy song to groove to, listen to it yourself on Spotify now!

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