Charli XCX releases new self-titled album

Charli XCX releases new self-titled album
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It’s been five years since the release of Charli’s last album titled ‘Sucker’ in 2014, until the much-awaited release of ‘Charli’ on 13th September. The album features songs in collaboration with many artists including Troye Sivan, Clario, Pabllo Vittar, the Queens and Sky Ferreira among many others.

The album is co-produced Charli and A.G Cook. The album consists of 15 songs, out of which nine are collaborations. Recently Charli began teasing the release of the new album on Twitter, with a tweet that read “THINKIN BOUT THE FACT THAT I’M GONNA MAKE A MASSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT THIS MONTH *cough cough*…”

In an interview with NME published in May, Charli spoke about her new music “I’ve really wanted to push my sound and push pop as far as it can go. I feel really proud of the music that I’ve made, so I really want the songs to have as much of a moment individually as possible”

Charli also shared how she didn’t like taking much time, and she likes being spontaneous with decisions she makes regarding her music. She shared that under a time pressure her music is better. Charli also mentioned about A.G Cook being her favorite person to collaborate with, as the trust they have in each other results in them working well together.

Before the release of the album, Charli shared 7 out of the 15 tracks which were “Blame it on Your Love” feat. Lizzo, ” Warm” feat. HAIM, “Cross You Out” feat. Sky Ferreria, “Gone” feat. Christine and the Queens, “1999”, “February 2017” feat. Clairo and Yaeji and lastly “2099” feat. Troye Sivan.

In an interview with The Sun, Charlie shared her music is inspired by her personal experiences as she said “I’ve always written songs from experience, but this album is more about emotions and my mental health, all the ups, and downs of my emotions”

After the release of the album, and the love and appreciation her audience showed for the new release, Charli thanked her fans on Instagram for understanding her.

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i love you 💕 thank you 💕

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In the post, Charli acknowledged that though her journey has been of twists and turns, now that she’s made a truly special space for her self where she can explore without worrying about the consequences, she’s happy. She ended the message by sharing that this self-titled album is her in the truest form.

‘Charli’ is available on Spotify to stream now.

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