Becky G covered with ladybugs in her music video “Secret”

Becky G covered with ladybugs in her music video "Secret"
Becky G / Youtube

Becky G is an American artist, lyricist, and entertainer. Gomez first picked up acknowledgment in 2011 when she started posting recordings of herself covering common melodies on the web. Gomez has made standard progress with the arrival of “Shower” (2014). Which proceeded to enter the main twenty of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Many of her songs have made to the top charts. The single would proceed to get a multi-platinum confirmation from the Recording Industry Association of America.

Following the ability of “Shower”, Gomez discharged “Can’t Stop Dancin'” (2014). She set out on a co-featuring visit with J Balvin all through September and October 2015.

Becky G is scanning for authority in a relationship on her new single “Secrets”. Created by Supa Dups, Tainy and MDLC. The banger tends to refine who hasn’t been direct with her. It seems like another hit. Furthermore, it shows signs of improvement when combined with it’s going with video. Phillip R Lopez-coordinated discharge puts a positively creepy turn on things. In it, she turns into an unfortunate visitor of respect at a spooky house.

Furnished with a glimmering lighter, she experiences some unpleasant sights. It basically involves current ghostly themes. For example, attentive people, cruel performers, coloring and a huge number of scared children. In fact, the way we used to look at ladybugs will not be going to be the same. The scene was so horrifying and disgusting that we still can’t forget it.

Ensure you observe right through in the light. The fact that we get familiar with the darkest mystery of them all in the video’s last minutes. “Secrets” proceeds with an amazing hot streak for the dedicated 22-year-old. Becky G’s new music video “Secrets” is entrancing! The clasp feels like a startling motion picture. With a baffling young lady showing up in a passage and zombie-like animals pursuing her.

She is, however, amazing and never disappoints her fans. She always brings out the best of her musical talent.

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