“Insatiable” season 2 is coming to Netflix this October

Get Ready Season 2 of Debby Ryan starrer 'Insatiable'!

The second season of dark comedy-drama ‘Insatiable’ is coming to Netflix on Friday, October 11th, a year after the release of the first season which was met with mixed reviews.

Actress Debby Ryan, 26, is set to reprise her role as protagonist Patty Bladell, a high schooler who was treated unfairly by her fellow classmates for years because of her being overweight and now that she is skinny after a liquid diet, is seeking revenge.

Alongside Debby Ryan, big names and new rising stars such as Dallas Roberts (Robert Armstrong Jr), Alyssa Milano (Coralee Huggens-Armstrong), Christopher Gorham (Robert Barnard), Sarah Colonna (Angie Bladell) and Erinn Westbrook (Magnolia Barnard).

Moreover, Arden Myrin (Regina Sinclair), has been promoted to series regular after being recurring for the whole of the first season.

After the release of the first season last year, the series received quite some criticism on social media because of the fat-suit worn by Debby Ryan to play as overweight Patty in some scenes.

Alyssa Milano defended the choice made by the showrunner Lauren Gussis by emphasizing how it was not meant to fat-shame Patty but, on the contrary, it was an instrument to address the issue through comedy.

In a tweet, she wrote: ” We are not shaming Patty. We are addressing (through comedy) the damage that occurs from fat-shaming. I hope that clears it up.”

In an interview with W Magazine earlier this year, Debby Ryan shared how Patty is drastically different than the other characters she has previously played. She focused on Jessie, her character from the homonymous Disney Channel series, analyzing how the two have completely different personalities and tendencies.

You can watch the trailer for the new season here:

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