Kristen Bell love for Matthew with Down Syndrome

Kristen Bell love for Matthew with Down Syndrome
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Kristen Anne Bell is an American entertainer. She started her acting profession by featuring in stage preparations.

While going to the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. She voiced the main storyteller in the adolescent dramatization arrangement Gossip Girl. Moreover, in May 2016, Bell expressed that she has battled with and gotten treatment for sadness and tension.

When we talk about Kristen we know how powerful she is. Her way of carrying out life and responsibilities. She is truly a woman who knows her stand in life. Kristen has never given up even after going through a lot. Being a part of many super hit films, she yet is a star who still has to achieve a lot. Her life is not complete yet, her journey is not complete yet. Everybody in this world faces the problem of depression and anxiety but not all stand up for it. Kristen wanted to do something that can give others the power to live again. she really did it and people all over the world love her for that.

She stood up and shared her problem with the entire world and she’s not ashamed of it. Being depressed or being anxious is not that made her stop following her goals. She always inspires others to live life to the fullest.

Recently she posted on her Instagram how she got to know about a kid suffering from down syndrome. The name of the child is Matthew who studies at Notre Dame High School. He is such a free-spirited and happy kid that nobody will know that he’s different.

Matthew is very energetic and takes part in every single thing. Moreover, He likes to do things that every other person does and never shows that he cannot do anything like that. People love to see how children who are a little different can change the world’s perspectives.

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