‘Aquaman’ star Jason Momoa calls for everyone to get off their arses and start saving the planet!

‘Aquaman’ star Jason Momoa calls for everyone to get off their arses and start saving the planet!
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Actor and heartthrob Jason Momoa recently did a super-heroic deed by addressing the United Nations on Friday, urging people around the globe to start giving back to not only their homeland but also to the rest of the world by speaking up and taking serious action against the toxification of the Aloha’ to all those gathered, before proceeding to make his plea on behalf of all small island nation environment and climate change. As a native Hawaiian, he began with a warm and friendly ‘ns which were slowly sinking due to rapid climate change and global warming. He asked for delegates and politicians too to ‘stop half-assing it’ and take a stand before it was too late.

He began by talking about his own growing up years as someone who was born in Hawaii and raised in Iowa and who had lived in two different places, yet understood how the issues of one country/continent also affected another country /continent, before spreading to the rest of the world. He called for an end to the abuse that we as humans and citizens inflict upon Mother Nature and Mother Earth as it would only result in us harming ourselves. He reminded everyone that they were at the ‘critical tipping point’, unless they started giving back to Nature. He was also quick to place the blame squarely on corporate greed and also listed out the various issues affecting the Earth currently, such as rising sea levels, vanishing ecosystems and devastating plastic pollution and urged everyone to come together to find a permanent solution to save the planet.

He concluded with a Hawaiian proverb that roughly translated to “All lands no matter how big or small floats in the ocean like a canoe in the middle of the sea.” Furthermore, he also yelled out ‘Ku Kiai Mauna’, a cry of protest meaning ‘Protect Mauna Kea’ (Mauna Kea is a mountain in Hawaii that is under threat from builders who propose to build a Thirty Meter Telescope on the sacred land there) and made the ‘shaka’ hand  gesture at the end of his impassioned and inspiring speech.

Here’s hoping we pay heed to Momoa’s words and right the wrongs that we’ve inflicted upon our planet before it is indeed too late.

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